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I want to manage email templates with Amazon SES

Our email template editor stands out with comprehensive features that give you full control over your messages. Import existing templates, create, update, delete, and duplicate templates with ease.

Additionally, choose between two types of editors - HTML and CSS code editor or an intuitive drag & drop visual editor for quick design without the need for coding. Utilize blocks with reusable content to further customize your messages.

Template manager for Amazon SES
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Everything You’ll Ever Need to Manage Templates

Sovy template editors: code and visual

2 Editor Modes: Code and Visual

Use the code editor to take the full control over your email templates. Update your template’s HTML version, text version, and add example JSON data. Full-screen mode is available.

No time for writing HTML and CSS from scratch? Use the drag & drop visual editor to speed up the process and create responsive templates with ease. Every template created using a visual editor can be migrated to the code editor.

Sovy Amazon SES template editor - code and drag & drop
Sovy template editors: code and visual

Reusable Blocks

There is no need to copy & paste the same elements among templates. Create reusable blocks with header, footer, logo, banners, and many more. When creating new template in visual editor, simply drag & drop any reusable block to your email. When in code editor, choose any code snippet from the list and paste it into your template.

Sovy Amazon SES reusable blocks in email templates
Sovy template editors: code and visual

Template Drafts

With Sovy, you can create and edit email templates directly within the platform, without the need to immediately send them to Amazon SES. Work on your templates at any time and upload them when they're ready.

Sovy Amazon SES email template drafts

Edit your Amazon SES email templates

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