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I want to manage email contacts with Amazon SES

Our email contact list feature enables easy management of contacts, allowing you to reach your audience more effectively. Create topics to group contacts by interests, import contacts from a file, or manage them via API.

Additionally, manage data of existing contacts and control their subscription status. Our solution automatically handles the option for contacts to unsubscribe, generating the appropriate unsubscribe link in the email template.

Contact list for Amazon SES

Manage Your Contact List Effortlessly

Sovy template editors: code and visual

All Contacts List

Gain full control over your contact management. Easily list all contacts or filter by specific topics, manage existing contact data, add custom attributes for personalized email templates, and efficiently control subscription statuses for entire lists or selected topics.

Sovy Amazon SES contact list
Sovy template editors: code and visual

Topic Management

Create topics to group contacts by interests, set separate subscription statuses for each topic, and establish default subscription statuses for new contacts. Effortlessly tailor your email communication to match the preferences of your audience.

Sovy Amazon SES contact list topics
Sovy template editors: code and visual

Contacts Import

Enjoy the flexibility of importing contacts from CSV or JSON files, ensuring a smooth transition of your existing data into our platform. Additionally, our API integration allows for easy addition and updating of contacts, providing a convenient way to keep your contact lists up-to-date with the latest information.

Sovy Amazon SES contacts import

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