Amazon SES Email Templates Manager

1. Create email templates using code or drag & drop editor.

2. Connect with your Amazon SES account providing AWS IAM creds.

3. Import and export email templates between Sovy and your SES account.

Save time managing email templates using our dedicated UI instead of AWS SDK or CLI.

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Is Sovy for me?

If you want to save money on sending emails with Amazon SES, but you also need an easy and efficient way of creating, updating, and organizing your templates, then Sovy is here to solve your problems.

How to use Sovy?

If you already are an AWS user you won’t have any problems with connecting your Amazon SES account to Sovy. But if you do, you should check out this blog post where we explained the whole process in detail. It won’t take more than a few minutes.

What can I expect here?

Sovy template editors: code and visual

2 editor modes: Code and Visual

Use the code editor to take the full control over your email templates. Update your template’s HTML version, text version, and add example JSON data. Full-screen mode is available.

No time for writing HTML and CSS from scratch? Use the drag & drop visual editor to speed up the process and create responsive templates with ease. Every template created using a visual editor can be migrated to the code editor.

Sovy template editors: code and visual
Sovy template reusable blocks

Reusable blocks

There is no need to copy & paste the same elements among templates. Create reusable blocks with header, footer, logo, banners, and many more. When creating new template in visual editor, simply drag & drop any reusable block to your email. When in code editor, choose any code snippet from the list and paste it into your template.

Sovy template reusable blocks
Sovy Amazon SES monitoring and logs

Email logs and monitoring

Turn on the monitoring and access valuable insights about your emails. Detailed logs contain information and the current status of every email that you tried to send. Additionally, simple metrics show general statistics about your email deliverability.

Sovy Amazon SES monitoring and logs

Clever SES utilities

For your convenience, Sovy makes it easier and faster to set up other SES settings like adding your email identities, leaving the sandbox, or increasing your sending limits.

Multiple AWS accounts

If you work with several environments or in multiple projects, you can set up a separate AWS account for each one of them and easily switch between them.

Organizations & teams

Collaborate with your friends. Set up an organization, invite coworkers to the team and share all AWS accounts and email templates with them.

Github Sync

Connect your Amazon SES account to Sovy and use our dedicated Github Action to automatically upload email templates from your Github repository.

What our clients say

testimonialsAnyone who's used AWS SES immediately understands why Sovy is so critial. Simply put, SES is almost unusable without it. But Sovy is more than just a front-end for SES, it's elegantly implemented, easy to use, and an excellent environment for building and managing email templates.
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Levi NunninkSheet Monkey
testimonialsSovy allows me to easily add, update and remove email templates from my Amazon SES account. Thanks to that we don't need to do it through AWS API or CLI anymore.
testimonials avatar
Aleksandra GontarzGuesty
testimonialsFor some smaller projects, setting up SES templates is a real pain. AWS doesn't offer any sort of GUI support, and their CLI interface for templates is annoying to work with. Sovy really helps out with that due to quick config and pleasant interface.
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Łukasz KrzyżańskiMasterBorn
testimonialsManaging email templates in our product used to be a headache until we found this SaaS gem! This tool streamlined our workflow with Amazon SES, saving us time and ensuring high productivity. A must-have for any team looking to simplify email management effortlessly.
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Adam WillisLiquid Level


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